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Our Buyer is responsible for driving sales, margin, turn, and growth for the National Brands, supporting total company objectives. This position will support the Merchandise Team in developing and executing a strategic vision with a customer-centric focused approach while delivering on financial objectives. The Buyer is responsible for curating the product assortment for the National Brands and negotiation of merchandise/discounts/payment terms for sustainable growth. The National Brands Buyer must partner with cross-functional teams (i.e. planning & marketing) to develop strategies to maximize business opportunities.


Trafilea creates and expands disruptive customer-first global brands online.

We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies and innovation, leading the global, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer retail transformation.

We design, manufacture, promote, sell and distribute our products. We take care of the entire customer journey, delivering wow-worthy experiences that positively influence and empower millions of customers in the US and worldwide.

We are experts in online marketing with a world-class ability for online customer acquisition and branding strategies which have resulted in +150% year-over-year profitable growth.

Founded by millennials in May 2014, we favor remote ways of working, proudly employing 120+ freelancers from over 14 countries, who work from anywhere they want.

Trafilea provides an ideal environment for remote and freelance work. This has become a main advantage and one of the very means by which we actually comply with our main mission: changing people's lives.

We have an always-growing mindset; we are ambitious, self-disciplined, passionate, goal-oriented individuals, optimistic about an abundant future and happy life.

Now, we’re looking for a full-time Merchandising Manager with +3 years of experience in the fashion retail and ecommerce industry and strong experience working with Chinese Factories to take care of our own brands (Empetua and new brands to come) to join the journey.

Your Day-to-Day will look something like:

  • Lead cross-functional teamwork with our Product Developer Manager, Purchasing Assistants, Planning, , Retention/ Loyalty, Acquisition, Operations, Creative and Design, IT, SEO, Research and Video Production teams to grow our own brands.

  • Manage effectively all the purchases to ensure POs are accurate, shipments arrive on time and products start selling in less than 2 days since they arrive in our warehouses.

  • Keep healthy relationships with our Brands, Factories and overall vendors.

  • Push hard to always improve our terms on a sustainable way.

  • Strategize to continually improve our NPS, product ratings and all key lead and result KPIs. for the company brands.

  • Maintain and acquire new key strategic relationships to grow our brands (new brands,  factories, vendors, etc)


  • Support Merchandise Team to drive sales for 2021 & 2022 with our third party brands by making purchasing decisions to satisfy customer demand, as well as grow our private label brands.

  • National Brands revenue share: 8%.

  • National Brands Gross Margin: >55%

  • Manage processes to ensure new products start selling after 2 days post warehouse arrival.

  • Aid in monitoring/updating Product Pages in conjunction with the Production team through providing updated copy descriptions, compression levels, and size charts.

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