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About Trafilea

Trafilea is a global company that builds communities and transformative brands. We own the brands and take care of the entire customer journey, to deliver wow-worthy experiences that influence and empower millions of people globally.

Our culture is fast-paced and dynamic. We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies, and innovation.

We have over 300 hundred employees working around the world, connected by the same purpose and core values. Our support for this new way of working has led to being featured in Forbes and FlexJobs as one of the Top 25 Companies for Remote Workers.

We are looking for dynamic, dedicated, and committed individuals with a strong desire to grow, that can drive the brand forward on its truly exciting journey.

You want to know more about our Brands? Shapermint & Empetua

Are you a hands-on, competitive individual with a passion for driving growth and delivering results?

What about making a real impact, a work that matters in building and scaling fast-growing brands in the international market. This is where world-class A talents meet…

Here you will learn from the teams that built one of the fastest boostrapped brand in the United States, going from 0 to $200,000,000 in Revenue in less than 3 years. Same brand that generated over half a Billion dollars since 2018.

At Trafilea we don’t put limit to ourselves, and you shouldn’t either. We are seeking a Director of Growth that won’t stop until reaching highly ambitious goals and drive massive revenue to the business.

In this role you will own the end to end strategy and execution across channels and customer funnel for one of our brands, scaling from 0 to $10,000,000 in first year at profits by executing direct response paid media campaigns at scale, defining scalable strategies for email and SMS funnels and define growth strategies to scale our organic reach on social media leveraging our brand ecosystem, content and brand spokesperson.

**Expected Outcomes & Responsibilities**

  • Strategy: Develop and execute the company's growth strategy to achieve business objectives and KPIs, including customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth.

  • Team: Build and manage a high-performing growth team, providing guidance, coaching, and mentorship to achieve team goals and individual development. Lead by example by understanding each channel and execute hands on.

  • Excellent execution: disciplined, fast and detail oriented execution where every day counts to succeed. Manage timelines, work with project managers to keep projects on track and sustain ambitious goals to execute at the highest levels.

  • Consumer insights and research: be an expert about the beauty topics, pain points, solutions and user persona to craft great messaging between market needs and brand solution.

  • Customer acquisition: Lead the strategy and investment on media platforms such as Meta, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Youtube with budgets above $1,000,000 per month by deeply understanding acquisition pillars (offer, funnel and ad creatives) and executing direct response strategies with the acquisition team (Acquisition manager, Creative Strategist, Editors, Copywriter, CRO).

  • High impact prioritization: Develop and manage a testing roadmap to continuously optimize existing channels and explore new channels to increase conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs.

  • Digital product ecosystem: work with product team in building world-class digital products to create a frictionless process for customers to buy, provide consumer value based on their needs.

  • CRM and retention: build the email and sms program for our beauty brands keeping a persuasive and sales oriented style for both promotional and content creation understanding how to keep the consumers engage.

  • Subscriptions and loyalty: increase LTV by ensuring great experience from customers to be on our subscriptions to maximixe their lifetime value.

  • Customer journey: build a great journey across supportive channels to close the customers on their journey across: Youtube reviews, social media checks, Google Reviews (own and 3rd party sites), welcome and abandon flows.

  • Organic growth: take advantage of our brand spokesperson and provocative topic (toxic and harmful skin care) to growth our based of following in channels where our customer is (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) leveraging from best-in-class social trends and creatives.

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