Frontend Engineer, Indie Hackers



  • role title

    • Full Stack Engineer, Indie Hackers
  • tagline

    • Help create the largest social network for startup founders
  • location

    • Remote
  • brief description of the team, how it’s related to the broader company/mission, and how this role fits in

    • At Stripe, we believe that inspiring founders to get started is a crucial part of our mission to increase the GDP of the Internet, and few places inspire more founders than Indie Hackers. What began as a small blog in July 2016 has today become the most impactful community for founders online, and it's run by a remarkably small but effective team.
  • You will:

    • Work directly alongside Courtland, the creator of Indie Hackers, to craft and improve features that will create new behavior patterns for tens of thousands of startup founders.
    • Regularly engage with the founders who make up the Indie Hackers community in order to help you think through everything from UX decisions to high-level success metrics.
    • Shape the nascent codebase that powers Indie Hackers, which will include working on both frontend and backend systems. Indie Hackers is built on top of Ember.js, Firebase, and Node.
  • You may be fit for this role if you:

    • Enjoy being a generalist working with both the frontend, the backend, and the stakeholders involved in taking projects from conception to completion.
    • Thrive when moving quickly on a wide array of new projects that are often small and experimental.
    • Take pride in crafting well-designed experiences that both impress and delight users.
    • Are passionate about technology startups, familiar with business strategies and concepts, and empathize with the challenging journey of being a founder.
    • Feel at home shifting between high-level strategic decisions and low-level implementation details, often multiple times within the same day. As part of a small team, you'll need to constantly evaluate how your work fits into big-picture objectives and reprioritize as needed.
    • Can communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively through writing.
  • You should include these in your application:

    • A brief introduction describing the projects you've worked on and what motivates you.
    • Links to any online profiles you use, e.g. GitHub, Twitter, Indie Hackers, Product Hunt.
    • A description of your work history, whether as a resume, a LinkedIn profile, or prose.
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