Senior Software Developer - Sustaining Engineering


Canada - Remote

Shopify is the world’s fastest growing commerce platform and we have no plans to slow down. We’re on a mission to scale our platform while simultaneously improving performance, reliability, and resiliency. To do this, we need the help of dedicated, methodical, and versatile engineers.

At Sustaining Engineering we tackle high impact problems wherever they may be. We’re not siloed into a single product area so we get to explore new problem spaces on a regular basis and collaborate closely with other teams. We build features and fix complex bugs that make commerce better for our merchants.

We are looking for a senior full-stack Ruby developer with a passion for solving problems and constantly improving the codebase to better the experience for our merchants and their customers. Due to the nature of our team’s work, we are looking for someone that is able to work effectively in new codebases quickly to tackle high-impact work.

What we’re looking for:

  • A curiosity and passion to constantly learn new things; Shopify changes fast, and we need people who work here to be able to change and learn fast too
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
  • Working with relational databases and SQL (we’re mostly on MySQL with some Postgres)
  • A mindset for long-term solutions

It'd be great if you have:

  • Experience with React/TypeScript
  • Experience building and scaling user-focused web applications
  • Have a history of contributing to our community through code, documentation, mentoring, teaching, speaking, or organizing
  • Affinity for mentorship; you’ll help developers grow to become senior contributors

You’ll be doing things like:

  • Writing elegant code that adds to and improves our code base in meaningful ways
  • Working on features and fixes that augments Shopify’s merchants and internal support experiences
  • Collaborating with other teams at Shopify to solve the problems our team are working on
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