SY23-24 Middle School Science and Math Job

Great Minds



THIS IS A JOB POSTING FOR US PERFORMANCE ACADEMY, INC. (“USPA”). Any successful applicant will be an employee of USPA.

USPA is seeking a dynamic, technologically-savvy, licensed History teacher for its Great Minds Program which it expects to commence instruction in in Fall 2023. USPA’s Great Minds Program will be conducted in consultation with Great Minds, a District of Columbia nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization.

This Middle School Science and Math teaching role is highly collaboratively in a synchronous learning environment to include classes taught throughout the day in real time. One that sparks students’ curiosity, builds students’ character, and develops student knowledge by leveraging technology.
Employees are expected to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined in the policies and contract. The performance standards listed below represent the essential functions of the job.

Instructional Skills

  • Prepares and customizes high quality curriculum materials to be dynamic asynchronous and synchronous virtual lessons
  • Presents lessons effectively and promotes student engagement
  • Develops sequenced and robust unit plans
  • Demonstrates a variety of effective teaching techniques (for both synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences)
  • Provides for differences of individuals and groups (both accommodations and differentiation)
  • Evaluates student achievement effectively
  • Applies a variety of assessment strategies

Classroom and School Environment

  • Provides rich and meaningful classroom activities
  • Demonstrates a belief in all students' ability to succeed and meet high expectations
  • Interacts with students in a manner that encourages respectful relationships among students and teacher
  • Promotes the development of self-esteem in students
  • Addresses the needs of individual students
  • Strives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through developing a positive class culture as well as through curricular resources
  • Integrates social and emotional learning into class activities

Technology Skills

  • Applies a variety of technology tools to advance teaching and learning
  • Maintains expertise in educational technology (edtech) trends
  • Seeks training and practice with edtech tools
  • Work collaboratively with parents, students, and technology professionals to troubleshoot student technology issues
  • Applies a variety of instructional techniques in a remote-teaching environment

Staff-Parent-School-Community Relationships

  • Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with staff
  • Works cooperatively with school personnel (teachers, administrators, and staff) to benefit students
  • Encourages positive school-community relationships
  • Communicates effectively with parents to enhance the learning process by responding to or initiating parent contacts in a timely, professional and constructive manner


● Establishes and pursues goals to improve professional competence

● Works in a supportive role with colleagues (e.g. cooperative course planning, curriculum development, test construction, materials preparation, methodology)

● Maintains knowledge of current trends in his/her field through professional activities (e.g. attending professional meetings, enrolling in relevant courses, reading relevant literature)

● Adheres to School policies and procedures

● Identifies School or curriculum problems and suggest appropriate solutions

● Uses appropriate channels to resolve concerns and problems

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