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Great Minds


Great Minds, a rapidly growing challenger brand in the PK-12 instructional materials space, seeks an experienced Production Lead.


Great Minds, a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation, brings teachers and scholars together to craft exemplary instructional materials that inspire joy in teaching and learning. Our English curriculum, Wit & Wisdom®, Eureka Math™ and PhD Science™, all support teachers as they take students beyond rote learning to provide a deeper, more complete understanding of the humanities, mathematics, and the sciences. Founded in 2007, Great Minds now employs more than 1,000 people.


Great Minds’ Eureka Math is the most widely used curriculum in the history of American education. It enjoys an unrivaled 40+ net promoter score. Eureka and its sister products, Wit & Wisdom English and PhD Science, embrace much higher expectations for all students and all teachers. In a market dominated by scripted, procedural materials that drive expectations down, Great Minds produces curricula that celebrate knowledge, respect the craft of teaching, and acknowledge the true capabilities of students.

Role Overview

The Production Lead is responsible for several complex projects at the same time, often all of the various components that comprise kits or entire state customizations. The Production Lead gathers and communicates reliable information to all departments about assigned print and online projects. This information includes product specifications, schedule guidelines and production process information, some financial information, and current production status information. The Production Lead must understand the interdependencies of multiple projects and be able to anticipate when a delay on one project will impact other projects’ production schedule.
Specific Responsibilities:

  • Understand fundamentals of publishing process
  • Understand fundamentals & development of Accessibility including WCAG compliancy
  • Track and report project status
  • Upload/download files, determine and maintain proper file setup
  • Coordinate with archive department to turn over packaged final files
  • Establish and revise Best Practices to maintain current Production processes
  • Assist in determination of product configuration and packaging solutions
  • Understand the interdependencies of multiple projects and anticipate when one project will affect another
  • Responsible for complex projects
  • Report vendor status
  • Demonstrate eagerness to learn
  • Sound judgement about escalation of problems
  • Work independently
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Possess practical problem-solving abilities
  • When asked, assist in recruiting interview process

Project Planning

  • Understand the scope of the project and each stage of the process
  • Review budget for assigned projects against project scope
  • Create project checklists
  • Schedule meetings to set processes and clarify scope for each project through B-printing
  • Attend meetings to set workflow for each project through B-printing
  • Coordinate project launch
  • Initiate contact with identified project vendors, request contracts
  • Solicit and review competitive bids process

Process Planning & Schedules

  • Generate or monitor detailed project schedules for all parts of a program, including on-line products
  • Manage schedule for full-service vendors
  • Schedule and lead weekly status meetings
  • Attend meetings to determine project scope
  • Schedule meetings to determine process used for a project
  • Summarize and distribute the process for a project, update as necessary
  • Expand overall milestone schedule to create detailed project schedules
  • Understand the interdependencies of multiple projects and anticipate when one project will affect another
  • Relay file release information to Delivery Team and negotiate changes when needed

Project Production & Status

  • Keep accurate and complete project records, and updates schedules to reflect progress
  • Analyze project status and alert Production Managers and the Project Manager concerning any change in project scope
  • Ensure all project members, including vendors, are adhering to agreed-upon processes
  • Help to establish project SharePoint organization


  • Communicate with other internal departments and stakeholders
  • Communicate with and direct vendors
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