Security Solutions - JavaScript Engineer


Distributed, AMER or EMEA

More about Security Solutions

The Elastic Security Solutions team is building a new solution that will become the center of the Elastic security analytics offerings. The Elastic stack is already very popular among the security analyst community, and the Security Solutions team has the opportunity to significantly improve the user experience and workflows of security analysts. Challenges include collecting all the relevant data, aggregating and visualising it, detecting and alerting on suspicious events, as well as supporting the investigation phase.

The team is diverse and distributed. You will be working remotely with people from Germany, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, and more. We meet via Zoom, brainstorm in Google docs, discuss in open GitHub issues, and chat on Slack.

**Your future responsibilities: **

  • Write and maintain high-quality Typescript code.
  • Create visualisations and UI workflows that serve security analytics use cases.
  • Create Node.js background tasks that do data searches and manipulations.
  • Work on open-source and make SIEM technologies available to a lot of new users.
  • Work with our support team to help customers and answer community questions.

Required skills:

  • Experience with developing and maintaining reasonably complex software projects with high quality and over multiple years.
  • Interest and experience in various types of automatic testing.
  • Experience with {Node.js, Typescript, React, GraphQL} is a plus
  • Ability to work in a distributed team throughout the world.


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