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Algorithms Engineer (London, UK or remote with 80% overlap with London hours)

TL;DR Converge is looking for an engineer to join the team with experience in modelling real-world phenomena and identifying patterns and activities using a variety of tools. You must have a solid background in mathematics and programming. This role is open both as a fixed contract and full-time employment.

About Converge

Construction is one of the most fundamental industries on the planet — just try to imagine human societies without buildings — yet it has also been left behind by the digitisation revolutions which have transformed other industrial sectors. Construction also accounts for 11% of global carbon emissions, while employing 7% of the global workforce and accounting for 13% of global GDP.

At Converge, we believe that if we are going to be building the cities, structures, and societies of the future then something has to change. We also believe that change will be impossible if you are not measuring what's actually happening on the ground. That's why we are building our Physical Intelligence Platform, ConstructionDNA, to help the industry build the future more efficiently, more safely, and more sustainably.

We’re a small but ever-growing team of 38 people, mostly in London and across Europe. We have a global outlook, counting 15 nationalities (and even more languages!) among us. As a team, we are passionate about cutting-edge digital innovation, and we’re driven by the opportunity to make a major impact on an industry that is ripe for disruption. We are looking for sharp, intrinsically motivated people to join us on our mission to build the future more efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

About the role

This role is all about using the sensor data we collect to provide real insights into what is happening in construction. You will start by working on some specific projects which have been validated with our customers, but will also need to help flesh out new initiatives. The role will require a mix of mathematical modelling, signal processing, and experimentation to build the most valuable product for our end-users. You will be writing programmes which will run both in pilot deployments and eventually production, so it is essential that you have the experience to know what this requires. You will work alongside other software engineers, as well as the product and design teams.

About you

  • You have the initiative to be the first person into a project, and the skills and desire to collaborate with others to bring it to fruition.
  • You are focussed on the outcomes, not the outputs — it’s the value delivered that counts, not the amount of stuff produced.
  • You care about the quality of your work, and are rigorous and scientific in your approach.
  • You have a strong desire to solve the real problems of our users and customers — this isn’t just a theoretical exercise but your work will have a potentially huge impact on the construction industry.


  • A background in a mathematical discipline (physics, computation, applied mathematics, statistical sciences, engineering, etc.).
  • Good programming skills (whether in a business or academic environment).


  • Experience with signal processing in real-world applications.
  • Experience with selecting, modifying, and applying machine learning algorithms to problems.
  • Knowing how to test and validate experimental hypotheses and your own work.
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