Multimedia Software Developer (Remote/Anywhere)



Are you an enthusiastic and motivated Multimedia Open-Source Software Developer? Then this position is the right fit for you.

As a member of the Multimedia team, you will focus on architecturing, developing, adapting, integrating, optimizing, validating and up-streaming open-source Multimedia software components spanning the full SW stack for different customers’ projects.

Key Responsibilities

  • Discussing technology with clients and represent the company at conferences and trade shows to demonstrate and promote our leadership in the Linux open source multimedia stack
  • Analyzing client problems and designing solutions leveraging open source technologies and Collabora's technical expertise.
  • Defining and scoping client projects in collaboration with the delivery team
  • Working with a team of Engineers based globally to implement and contribute both to client and open source projects
  • Contributing publicly to open source Linux multimedia projects to ensure Collabora's continuing technical leadership
  • Implementation of A/V drivers, protocols, systems and supporting infrastructure.
  • Supporting other Collaborans worldwide with understanding the Linux multimedia stack
  • Gain working knowledge of customers’ products, applications, technical and business strengths and target markets

Desired Technical Skills

  • Proven track record of experience in software consultancy is essential
  • Existing familiarity with one or more of Collabora's market verticals is essential
  • BS/BA or extensive experience in the role of Software Engineer
  • Sound and demonstrable understanding of software and programming concepts, including C/C++, object orientation, Linux kernel interfaces
  • Knowledge of open source development methodologies and good standing in the open source community
  • Demonstrable significant contributions to components in the open source Linux multimedia stack, e.g. GStreamer, PulseAudio, ffmpeg/vlc, Android Media Architecture (StageFright..) or relevant parts of the Linux kernel
  • Knowledge of multimedia technologies such as containers and codecs from MPEG, Xiph, DVB, IETF
  • Knowledge of multimedia networking technologies and protocols such as RTP, RTSP, DASH, HLS
  • Previous experience in managing or mentoring teams is a plus

Desired Personal Skills

  • Highly self motivated, reliable with a demonstrable passion for embedded and general multimedia technology
  • Self learning skill to get sufficient knowledge of Collabora's services, business model, project delivery life-cycle and other related technical domains
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good English language skills (both verbal and written)
  • Ability to work and communicate in an online distributed environment

Desired Commercial Skills

  • Understanding client needs and reconciling time constraints, available technologies and resources, and open source best practices
  • Ability to work in a global context with clients and engineers spanning continents
  • Knowledge of customers’ organization, management, product, target market, applications and decision making internal process
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