Senior Full Stack Engineer, AWS

Click Travel


Salary ranges from £45,000 to £60,000 depending on experience.

As a full stack engineer, and general cloud-based web practitioner, you know there's no such thing as "it works on my machine". As someone who leads from their experience of good things and driven by learning from success and failure, we have a job opportunity for you :).

What you’ll do

  • Work on the software that powers the Click Travel platform by writing Node.js, Java, Angular and React code and tests, and leading others towards outcomes.
  • Identify meaningful metrics that tell you how your software is performing and how it adds value to the business.
  • Continuously improve your engineering skills and practises, and leadership skills.
  • Evangelise and spread your DevOps and Cloud Engineering mentality to your colleagues, and beyond Engineering.
  • Look out for and design ways to improve our development processes and efficiencies, driving improvement across Engineering.

How you'll be doing it

  • You're part of an agile, multidisciplinary team. You bring your unique skills and leverage them when collaborating with others to accomplish goals.
  • You lead by example, engaging and bringing those around you along with you.
  • You support and mentor the engineers around you.
  • You prioritise your work with the team, its lead and product manager, weighing both the business and technical value of each task and often leading towards outcomes.
  • You engage all parts of the business, working with other teams, balancing cost and delivering user value.
  • You experiment, test, try, fail and learn all the time - with one thing at a time.
  • You use data available to determine the best approach.
  • You constantly ensure code is running in production as early as is responsibly possible.
  • You don’t do things just because they were always done that way.
  • You don’t ignore the lessons learned, however - even those learned by others.
  • Customer focused - all of the time.
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