TV Writer, Inverse

Bustle Digital Group


Inverse is seeking part-time writers for its entertainment section to explore the fictional worlds that make up our favorite TV series. If you’ve found joy in describing the themes or meaning in Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, or realized you have a talent for drawing new connections in your writing, you may be a great fit for the position that requires a thoughtful approach to writing about television.

The job offers the opportunity to become a daily voice in the broader conversation around what’s going in our favorite TV shows, whether they are streaming on Netflix, HBO, or Hulu, or will appear on Disney+ or Apple TV+ in the coming months. The ability to cast a critical eye at high-profile shows or champion the criminally underwatched when few others are is also expected.

Please note: this is an hourly, remote role. To apply, send 5 recent/relevant clips and your resume. A brief cover letter is preferred.


  • Make a weekly streaming recommendation for the Multiverse newsletter.
  • Write explainers and analysis pieces on theories and other in-world developments.
  • Cover a few TV series for Inverse, working in collaboration with editors on framing coverage for deeper understanding and improved readership.
  • Conduct the occasional interview with actors, screenwriters, and others who make the shows we cover.
  • Monitor Reddit, Twitter and Instagram for news-worthy moments.


  • Demonstrated ability for original thinking via relevant clips or media.
  • A high metabolism for news.
  • An enthusiasm for fan theories.
  • An internship or freelancing history at a digital media property.
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