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Remote (US, UK, Canada or Netherlands)

Over 100,000 businesses and millions of people use 1Password to protect their most important information, and we believe those people – and the companies they work for – shouldn’t have to choose between security and productivity. We see security as a human challenge, rather than a technological one. It’s hard work, but our mission has always been to ease the tension between security and convenience and help people navigate the digital world without fear or friction. Human-centric security is part of our DNA, but human-centricity is also the backbone of our culture. We encourage big ideas and new ways of working that help us to make the online world a safer place for everyone.

We are looking for a Research Operations Manager to join our growing Research team at 1Password to support our continued learning and innovation on our products. We’re a team that’s excited to learn and experiment. We nurture a safe and creative environment where we can continuously grow and produce impactful work.

The ideal candidate is organized, proactive, has a high-degree of attention to detail, is passionate about process optimization and keen on bringing research insights to the rest of the organization in a structured and scalable manner. You have experience with bringing on the right tools, frameworks and process to support researchers in delivering and scaling the impact of the craft across an organization. Your work has the potential of amplifying the impact of the entire Research Team.

This is a remote opportunity within Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and the United States.

What we're looking for:

  • A proven ability for identifying areas of opportunity that are business viable, with a high level of feasibility in implementation.
  • You are a champion of the development and application of new capabilities, process, frameworks and cutting edge tools to drive business.
  • You have a strong attention-to-detail, and are excellent at building and standardizing guidelines, templates and processes with impeccable documentation.
  • Experience establishing clear ways of working and SLAs between Research and our key stakeholders.
  • Experience with evaluating, onboarding and maintaining research tools.
  • A proven ability to effectively partner with and manage research vendor partners.
  • Experience maintaining and operationalizing a world-class customer research panel; Have a solid understanding of its key use cases and how to apply it appropriately to various research asks.
  • Hands-on experience with a multitude of industry-leading qualitative and quantitative research tools and methodologies.
  • Experience with data governance and applying its best practices.
  • Experience with creating and maintaining a research repository that is actionable and easily accessible by all 1Password team members.
  • Skilled at participant recruitment to ensure high-quality respondents to support user research studies.
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team.

Bonus points for:

  • Passion for building world-class accessible products and services that work for everyone and know how to deliver research that supports this.
  • A demonstrable impact on the direction of a product or service in the past.
  • Passion for design-thinking within the product development process, and a keen interest in behavioral biases and triggers.

What you can expect:

  • We hope that over time you become an advocate for our customers.
  • Help raise the bar for research at 1Password.
  • Become a trusted partner to your key stakeholders, and most importantly, become a force multiplier for researchers on the team so we collectively level up how we do research at 1Password.

What you can expect in the first month:

  • Familiarize yourself with our past, present, and planned research initiatives.
  • Familiarize yourself with current research processes, tools and methodologies utilized by our team.
  • Conduct “stakeholder interviews” with current researchers, designers and other key stakeholders to understand areas of opportunity.
  • Start to identify knowledge and research tooling and process gaps.
  • Learn about the various customer-facing departments and sit in on customer calls to start to develop early understanding of customer pain points.

What you can expect by month three:

  • Make connections with research vendor partners.
  • Understand existing partnership dynamic and gain context on on-going research work.
  • Audit currently participant recruitment methods and suggest improvements.
  • Audit the research panel; Develop an on-going panel management strategy and roadmap.
  • Partner with Product and Customer Support to produce and socialize the Voice of the Customer program.
  • Lead the development of key customer-empathy building initiatives.

What you can expect by month six:

  • Improve and maintain the research repository.
  • Stand up an accessible platform for socializing research insights.
  • Partner with other Researchers on the team to socialize key research learnings within the organization as needed.
  • Work with UXRs to develop, innovate and iterate on user testing 'best practices'.
  • Provide suggestions/recommendations and actively participate in the on-going improvement of Research practices at 1Password.
  • Anticipates 'white space' opportunities for organization; Make research recommendations and participate in 2023 planning.
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